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August 25, 2016


The waiter then pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and fired three shots into the ceiling of the restaurant.

(Thanks to Steve K.)


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Pix shows police arrived in pickup truck, they must have been undercover.

"I said I didn't WANT lima beans with that!"

"I don't care, fool. They're good for you and you're getting them. And you're eating them, too."

When they say Rare, they mean Rare.

Chuck E. Cheese owns steakhouses now?

i've seen signs posted in beach restaurants prohibiting bare feet
nothing about baring arms

"Pix shows police arrived in pickup truck, they must have been undercover."

Posted by: ImNotDave

In Texas everyone is expected to drive a truck. On a business trip to Houston last year, I reserved a medium-sized car. I got a Dodge Ram crew cab truck. (Fortunately I'm used to driving something that size.) You can expect there is a gun in most of the trucks.

This happened in Texas, they were just funnin' around. Shucks, nobody got shot and most patrons enjoyed the entertainment.
Later, they met up at Chuck E. Cheese and continued the fight.

I think it was very kind of that waiter that he gave first a warning shot. This is so-called "Southern Hospitality".

Shooters, not Hooters.

I once spent three whole days employed by a company whose name, to avoid a copyright lawsuit, sounded similar to Jarl's Kunior. After I swept the parking lots, then cleaned the charbroiler, I was brought into the manager's office and yelled at because I was sweating. After that, *I* could have easily fired three shots into the ceiling. Yeah, let's go with the word ceiling, as the statute of limitations may not have yet expired....

Beep beep clankie & LI Girl.

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