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August 22, 2016


North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has launched a new Netflix-style video on demand service called 'Manbang'.

(Thanks to Michael Herold)


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Instead of commercials they will run several "breaks" an hour where chunky Kim threatens in broken English to turn half of the world into ashes.
That must be the bang part.

Kim Jong-on sent a Manbang to Obama at the white house as a show of Peace. When He learned of the N. Korean gift of a Manbang, out of fear Obama immediately apologized for America and sent the package to England.

The customer service still probably beat OmcastCay

NUMA: BomBast Cable has nothing on "The Last" Frontier....

Manbang? Does Dennis Hastert (Ex-Speaker of the House) know about this channel?

Cool! DOCUMENTARIES 24/7!!! And guess what? They will be all about Kim Jung-Un and how he spends his time.
Hail and bow down or be shot, and yes, executions will be featured in the fall schedule.

Sure, on Manbang you can get all the latest information on the No Dong missile, Chub bomber, or Dorksniffer tank, but the ad choices on your browser will be terrible after that.

To steal a joke from Yakov ("America Loves") Smirnoff:

"In North Korea, ManBang will have two television channels. The first channel, running 24 hours a day, tells of the success and freedom of the socialist state. The second channel features a man with a rifle, telling you to turn back to the first channel."

At first, I thought it said the new service was "ManBag" which almost describes Kim to a "T".

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