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August 30, 2016


Police allegedly spent about 10 hours shooting tear gas into the home, smashing windows, and doing other stuff they’ve probably seen TV cops do. Turns out the only one inside was a dog.

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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When asked if He had any comments the D.A. stated, "later today the knucklehead's responsible for the standoff with the dog will be 'pantsed' right here in front of the cameras."

The squirrels had to be behind this incident. There's no other reasonable answer.

Idiots. Should have just crawled through the ventilation ducts. That always works on TV.

"Yeah, but they had a lot of fun doing it."
--TV's Dep. Cheif Brenda Johnson

The way the cops went at this was so much more fun than using the key they had and just open the door.
I wonder how close this place is to Flathead County, Montana?

Wait a minute. She gave them the key but they trashed it anyway?

I bet the dog thought they were playing with him.

Were these cops on Reno 911 before they went to Idaho? Lt. Dangle, are you there?

You can't escape justice, just because you're a dog.

Bad dog! Bad, bad dog!

One of the officers apparently attempted to obtain ingress from above, but that turns out to be harder to do than it looks on TV. He would have lost the element of surprise when he fell through the ceiling, had there been anybody inside other than the dog.

[jack webb facepalm]

Poor puppy. Must've been terrified.

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