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August 22, 2016


Michigan invaded Canada.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I would love to see Inicio's coverage of the event.

If something doesn't happen with this election, and our choice of candidates, I may be invading Canada.

It was Canada's threat to turn us into 'a heap of ashes' if this kind of thing continues that grabbed my intention.

Now, there is no doubt in my mind that Canada will be designing and surveying to build a wall.

We once almost invaded Ohio too (dispute over the Toledo Strip) and will do it again if they pull any funny stuff.

Probing maneuver: Textbook infantry assessment of opponent's strength.

oh de-doo-dah day.

All were captured by Canadian gunboats, taken to an undisclosed location and held at gunpoint until the State Department issued an apology. What ? They weren't ?

They were recaptured by Canadians? And let me guess...they were taken to Tim Hortons and fed donuts till they apologized or got sick, which ever came first.

(I personally think they were jealous of Tim Hortons.)

The French Canadians promptly surrendered

Had it occurred in US waters, they would have been arrested by the Coast Guard for improper operation of a vessel and lack of safety and navigation equipment.

This is retribution for Canada's dumping of illegal toilets into the USA that Dave exposed some yeas ago.

US Customs and Immigration let them back in without passports? How many terroristS were hidden among them? WHY ISN'T FOX NEWS SCREAMING ABOUT THIS?

Good point, Ralph. Mrs. wanderer and I were returning from the Stratford Festival and coming over the Blue Water Bridge on Sunday, and we wondered what was going on with all the boats. Plenty of time for contemplation as we waited in line a mere 45 minutes to finally get to the Customs booth.

Many were shouting, "All Your Base Are Belong to Us!"

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