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August 24, 2016


Film lifts lid on secret world of 'endurance tickling'

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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wasn't that an elvis movie ?

I didn't find the article funny at all. I'd rather watch that Shakespear play.....

"Gratifying, titillating, petting...doesn't matter how you try and justify it, two minutes in the endurance penalty box for illegal use of the junk."

/funny, he doesn't look ticklish.

It's a little known fact because I just made it up that tickling used to be a means of torture.

The media is barely scratching the surface on this one!


(I really HATE being tickled.)

Kick it up a notch. Let's combine tickling and water boarding.

Some secrets should remain secret. This is a good example of one.

Proper etiquette demands the lid should be left down.

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