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August 26, 2016


Early Wednesday morning, motel employees told police they were in the lobby when a fully naked man walked by carrying an ice bucket.

(Thanks to Le Petomane and John Mayson)


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As is his Constitutional right, surely - Freedom From Boredom.

Besides, if you're doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, isn't it better to do it naked rather than messing up your clothes?

Your honor, I ask for a directed verdict of acquittal.

Well, if he had an ice bucket, he wasn't really FULLY naked, was he? Especially if he had it on his head.

Was he assuming that jail would be less boring than his hotel room? If that was his reasoning, I doubt it lasted.

He's right. Framingham is boring.

Having the cops show up and haul you off to jail almost always cures boredom.

Shame on them for looking.

A book about this may be as powerful as Camus's "L'Etranger".

Always a shrewd legal strategy.

Stop listening to Coldplay.

Or Buckethead.

And why do these photos creep me out so badly?

Reminds me of the time Groucho was a hotel desk clerk and spoke into the phone, "Ice in room 401? Where'd you get it?"

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