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August 29, 2016


A television host has been left red-faced after he left his microphone on while taking a toilet break and it was broadcast live on TV.

(Thanks to Geoff)


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All the news all the time.

After watching "The Naked Gun" nobody would do that mistake again.

Leslie Nielsen would be proud.

We had that happen in church once.

The second time I figured out what was happening and cut the microphone feed, except to the frequency we shared with a large television station.

In my defense, I had to keep broadcasting something over that frequency so they wouldn't use it for their own broadcast. I let the Pastor know that the only people who were listening to him were from Channel 5.

Canned footage?

at least it wasn't barry manilow peeing.

not the only weiner leak in the news today

Tinkle Tinkle TV star,
Now we wonder where you are.

Tee Hee

"That ought to hold the little b*stards!"

"Lt. Drebin, I presume?"

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