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August 29, 2016


UPS driver shot in freak crossbow accident

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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When was it you realized you have injured the driver of the UPS truck?

Not long after I said, "Set this target up over yonder across the street and hold my beer."

"I shot an arrow into the aire,
and where it landeth I do not care"

--that Northhampton Archer

Too many people playing Cupid and/or Robin Hood.

isn't that Kenny Rodgers? Hard times, my friend, hard times....

The driver was shot in the what?

The deer have had enough and are starting to strike back.

Well, yer honor it was like this. I was just target shoot'in, when I seen this great big squirrel, 'bout six foot tall, get'n ready to attack that poor truck driver. I done my civic duty and tried to stop that squirrel, but it just plain jumped up an ran off real quick like. Caused that arrow to hit the driver instead. It was an accident, pure and simple.

He has since switched to a flamethrower. ("What can charcoal do for you?")

brown lives matter

Viking: "why did you do that?"
Rollo: "It was the angle of his leg, it annoyed me"

Just out of curiosity, how many UPS drivers are shot each year in non-freak crossbow accidents?

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