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August 23, 2016


Bee Having A Wee Photo Taken By Grimsby Photographer Mark Parrott

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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How does the bee carry a wee photo? Has she a wee backpack? Crivens!

So did bees learn that from airplanes, or did airplanes learn that from bees?

Might explain the colloquialism, "Take a flying piss".

oh, not 'pee' wee . . .

busy buzzy wasn't whizzy, was he ?

C D B wee!

(apologies to William Steig)

Snork @ Wanderer!

Isn't Jan from Grimsby?

I thought bees went to the bathroom at BP.

Bee Bomb.

Are you sure the flower is not trying to shoot down the bee?

Just wondering....


Of course it's a wee photo. Bees are very small inscects.

mebbe next time i should read the article before i bumble my comment

fuzzy buzzy *was* a busy whizzy, was he ?

mebbe next time i should read the article before i bumble my comment

fuzzy buzzy *was* a busy whizzy, was he ?

I have to go to the bathroom.

"That bee's really pissed", or "That bee just pissed, really."

Mr. Language Person, help.

Ligirl is redundant!

Wee Bee Pee? Isn't that one of those Wii games?

Bee Wee? I've been in that airport.

Most of them use the facilities at the BP, but some of them go across the street to the Esso station.

There's always one Esso bee...

I heard that at nighttime a bee keeps its stinger in its honey.

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