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August 26, 2016


A Burger King manager in Conway, NH has been arrested for throwing sauce at a customer during an altercation over a hamburger bun.

(Thanks to Glen Page)


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Same old story, a woman trying to get a better bun.

I guess special orders did upset him after all.

Why didn't he just throw a bun at her instead?

Clara Peller?

Conway in the summer is a tourist zoo. Monkeys fling poo; nothing unusual here.

Many men get into trouble over a woman's bun.

He was excited and upset by all the talk of buns? I think Burger King needs to demote him....

Manager to staff: "I got our back."

The manager flipped. I hope that he was hauled off in a patty wagon.

Did they call for a toxic waste cleanup? "Aaaa - it burns!"

Here's hoping the police really grilled him, as obviously he didn't cut the mustard.

Lettuce assume that in the past he found himself in a pickle and was mocked for not having the onions to stand up for himself.

As Groucho said, when told that he tried someone's patience, "You must come over and try mine sometime!"

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