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August 27, 2016


Sheep Runs Across Outfield, Interrupts Minor League Baseball Game

(Thanks to Steve K)


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That sheep run shouldn't count. The outfield is way out of the base lines.

If the sheep can field and hit as well as run, it might make a good non-draft pick...

LA Rams came to a wrong field.

Hoping to get noticed and a tryout for the Twins.

Could that be considered a sheep shot?

Bud: Hey there, Lou, we've got a seriously contending team this year. Can I tell you about 'em?
Lou: Sure, OK. So, who's on first?
Bud: Right.
Lou: I didn't ask you who's in right.
Bud: Who's not in right!
Lou: OK, so who IS in right?
Bud: Who's on first!
Lou: I asked you first ....
Bud: Who!
Lou: Right.
Bud: A sheep.
Lou: What?
Bud: No, What's on second ...

O'er the ram parts we watched....

Another five star groaner from Ralph!

As long as it is a consenting sheep....

"Whaaaaat are you bums, asleep out there?"
"Well, you can hardly blame us, 'cause..."

Baaaahs ball?

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