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August 29, 2016


Man Broke Into Adult Novelty Shop, Made Off With Sex Toys, Top Half Of $2000 Mannequin

(Thanks to Dave D)


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I have friends who call that foreplay.

He didn't grasp the meaning of a "half-off" sale.

"He won't get far..."

Yeah, only to second base. :)

A $2,000 mannequin? Sounds like someone is trying to pad his insurance claim.

Mannequins are just creepy. The original Twilight Zone episode "The After Hours" and the scene with the fast camera cuts among all the mannequin faces still freaks the bejeebers out of me every time I watch it.

The bottom half was even more expensive.

They are going to have to throw away everything he took. I don't mind buying tech that is used, but these type of, um, "adult playthings"? There isn't enough bleach in the world.

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