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August 26, 2016


The jet pack golf cart

(Thanks to Kenzen in Oregon)


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Can you say Air Traffic Controller?

New Olympics event: Air Jousting, contestants duel with golf clubs to determine who plays thru.

But is it commute-worthy?

Who has right-of-way: the jet pack golf carts, photography drones, or a birdie?

"I feel the need .... I feel the need for a 3-iron!"

Is it self-driving ?

Suggestion: Besides "fore!" they need to yell out "Flying golf cart drone coming in [or taking off]!" or maybe just "Duck and cover!"

Gilligan tried this, back in about 1967. It didn't end well.

Geezer tickets for all those who preferred MaryAnn to Ginger.

Too late for Father's Day, dammit

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