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August 26, 2016


According to the release, when firefighters got the car open, they found a pair of burning underwear on the passenger seat, which had produced a small fire.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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She was Hot! Hot! Hot!

I saw Burning Underwear open for Buster Poindexter, by the way.

Love is a burnin' thing
And it makes a fiery ring
Bound by wild desire
I fell into a ring of fire....

I thought hot pants had pretty much gone out of fashion.

I think, if I recall, Burning Britches was a popular Mike Post hit in the late 1960's.

♫ Friends all tried to warn me but I held my head up high
All the time to warn me but I only passed them by
They all tried to tell me but I guess I didn't care
I turned my back and burned the underwear

All the burning britches that are smoking up the car
All the lonely feelings and the memories afar
Everyone I left behind each time I closed the door
Burning britches smell forevermore ♫

With apologies to Mike Curb & Mike Curb Congregation, the original song was great!

Just another warning not to order the extra-extra large bowl of "Los Diablo's chili".

FM: That's retired Lt. Governor Mike Curb, private!

(And I liked Oddball better than Crapgame)

Geezer movie passes to anyone who remembers 1970.

I thought the saying went, I wouldn't pee on you if you were on fire...oh, now I'm all confused...

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