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August 29, 2016


Pet iguana named Gaylord still missing in Edmonton

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Those kinds of creatures shouldn't be allowed as pets in the first place.

We're off to seek the lizard....

Lizards in Canada? Is the globe warming that fast?

We are sorry for your loss. Please accept this Trump as a sympathy pet.

If it was a chamelion, they'd never find it.

- with Gaylord still on the lam - when they Do find him no doubt he'll have a sheepish grin ;)

Theresa: Iguanas are no threat to anybody if you leave them alone. Even in the rare cases when they bite, there is rarely much damage.

Dog bites, on the other hand, are a huge problem. Statistically, they are the kinds of creatures that shouldn't be allowed as pets in the first place.

Does your anti-lizard position have some other basis?

The " Shawshank Redemption " prison break would have been a lot less impressive if Andy had been an iguana.

Wait until morning, and it will come home.

"Daylight come, and iguana go home . . . "

I once knew a Gaylord. He was promoted up from the rank of Knight....

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