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August 23, 2016


‘Secret second Earth’ that could be home to ALIENS will be exposed tomorrow

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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I call fake -- there's no Star Trek alien head superimposed on the photo.

I don't want to see any exposed aliens, so I'm not clicking on the link.

Astronomers report seeing little red ball caps that say"Make America great Again".
...and the search for intelligent life continues...

I can understand the draw of thesun.co.uk, but there are more reputable sources for this. It's apparently legit, unless the ESO is pranking Der Spiegel.

But when they visit they'll have this wonderful book, "To Serve Man." And they will be SO helpful...
I can hear Rod Serling intone after we learn it's a cookbook, " From dust to dessert."

Those der Spiegel people don't seem to be able to keep a secret.

We're gonna build a wall, and the Centaurans are gonna pay for it.

Hah! Does this mean we get to probe them?

Have the hollow Earth people heard of this?

Why the teaser? Just spring it on us. It's not like there's anything that can really surprise us anymore.

I'll bet $10.00 it already has a couple of Starbucks and Walmarts there.

So much for that special hideaway.

Didn't Roddenberry launch a failed series called Earth II?

These CIA guys ought to learn how to really report not just recycle.

Correction: The TV movie Earth II (1971) was written by William Read Woodfield and Allan Balter, and directed by Tom Gries.

The Series Earth 2 in 1995 was produced by Amblin ENtertainment.

Who knew there were two "Earth Twos" --and life imitates Art. (Art who?)

Saying you haven't found an exoplanet closer than Proxima Centauri is like your friends from Detroit saying they haven't found any foreign cities closer than Windsor.

meanwhile, scientists continue searching uranus for klingons

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