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August 30, 2016


It’s early autumn in Norway already, and the forests are full of mushrooms this year, some of them hallucinogenic. They’ve been discovered by reindeer out grazing, and sometimes getting higher than a kite.

(Thanks to Dave Nevers)


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Could also explain the Elve's "trip". Just exactly what do they get outta being "slave labor" for a fat white guy?

This is how reindeer fly.

Because the world is round it turns me on
Because the world is round...aaaaaahhhhhh

Because the wind is high it blows my mind
Because the wind is high...aaaaaaaahhhh

Love is old, love is new
Love is all, love is you

Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry
Because the sky is blue...aaaaaaaahhhh

Santa won't share his stash.

Norway in autumn has been a destination trip for Tommy Chong for many years.

'Shrooms for zooms.

Hallucinating Reindeer opened for Mysterious Brown Goo.

he had some magic dust, man.

Some magic dust?

Cheech: Yeah, magic dust, y'know? He used ta give a little bit to da reindeer, a
Little bit to Santa Claus, a little bit more for Santa Claus, a little
Bit more...

Chong: And this would get the reindeer off, man?

Aw, got 'em off, man! ? Are you kidding, man? They flew all da way
Around da world, man!

Yes, it *does* explain the whole flying reindeer thing actually:


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