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August 25, 2016


A woman allegedly rams her SUV into the store and around its aisles after her check bounces

...Fay drove the Tahoe down an aisle almost to the back of the store, police said. She then allegedly reversed the SUV back to the front of the aisle, turned the car toward the deli and drove between the aisle ends and the checkstands. She then drove the vehicle out the east doors and into the parking lot, police said.

(Thanks to Poker)


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Someone has to say it: "Women Drivers...sheesh..."


Don't Mess with Them.

It should be a Dodge Ram.

Well it IS the store's fault the check bounced of course.

Don't think there was anything 'alleged' about it. Of course, she blamed her meds.

She's a bit unclear on the "drive-thru" concept.

Honey Boo-Boo, all grown up.

"Clean-up in aisles 1 through 17."

That would be called a Drivers License Test in Iowa.

These days it's not even safe to shop at a Safeway.

Upon release from her extended stay in the mental hospital, Fey was asked how she would like to pay for her $38,987 hospital bill.

Fey answered, "I can write you a check, let me go out to my Tahoe and get my checkbook."

People still write checks?


Yep, and I still write the entries in my checkbook ledger and balance it by hand every month. Drives my wife nuts.

I write a check for the rent but that's about it.

check mate ;)

Actually, she sounds like a pretty good driver - if the only damage was to the doors she drove thru, but not to the store itself, and she drove the length pf the store forward AND backward and then made a 3-point turn to continue across the front of the store!

Was her local WalMart closed at the the time?

BTW, the "greeters" at my WalMart have finally stopped asking to see my receipt as I leave the store. Every single time, I stop and tell them "No, my receipt and I are very happy!" and then keep walking. Turns out there is no law which demands you have to show them a receipt. At a membership store, like CostCo, they can make this a condition of your membership, but not at a retail store.

Future NASCAR superstar.

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