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July 28, 2016


Pooper. The world's first app that finds people nearby to pick up your dog's poop


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I have friends who call that foreplay.

OMG. I new job creation for someone. That must be for the 30'sh crowd that has more money than they know what to do with.(ha)

Their business model is full of shit. Basic service is $15/month for two scoops/day in a 15 mile radius. That's roughly 25¢ per scoop. A scooper would have to scoop 29 scoops per hour (about one every 2 minutes) to equal the federal minimum wage, not including app fees, transportation, or other expenses.

Oh, my aching back.

Is there anything the internet can't do?

Send it to Washington.

i don't download crapp

Imagine getting turned down for that job.

If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. --Baretta

If you do the poop, ya gotta scoop.--McGruff, who also is a (crime) canine....

I'm thinking I'll get the App and open one of these to pay for it. I'm thinking they probably ask questions and might suspect me. Gotta get me a dog first.

Centuries of technological progress end in this.

No no no....much easier thing to do:

1) Get some gloves and some Googly Eyes
2) Put the Googly Eyes on the poop
3) Put a Pokemon Go Lure at the poop

Soon, you'll have a crowd of people all trying to catch the Poopemon. Gotta Scoop 'em all!

♪ I'm a Pooper, She's a Pooper, We're All Poopers
♪ If you think you can scoop it, You're a Pooper too!
♪ Be a Pooper, Get with the scoopin'!

revs up the geezer bus

If the fee also includes placing the poop in a paper bag and lighting it on my enemy's porch, then I'm in!

What is this, National Orifice Products and Maintenance Day at the blog?

I could imagine the awkward situation of some guy in the dog poop scooping business telling a cute girl at a party what he does for a living.

They show up with lab glasses and a five iron.

good idea stevet24g - but it's supposed to be DOG poop they're collecting & not a buncha BULLsh!t

That's why you need Piqapoo.com

Never Pick up your dog's poop again!!!

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