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July 15, 2016


Milford man follows Pokemon Go into police custody

(Thanks to Judy B.)

Man quits job to become full-time Pokémon hunter

Pokemon Craze Leads to Trespassing Epidemic

Death by Pokemon? Public safety fears mount as 'Pokemon Go' craze continues

Two fall from cliff reportedly playing Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go player bitten by venomous snake in North Texas



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I'm guessing the "full-time Pokemon hunter" moved out of his mom's basement.

Or moved into it.

Didn't we learn from Blazing Saddles that it's a bad idea to poke Mongo ?

looks like Pokemon may do some gene pool cleaning.

I think it's time to call in the military.

Why should civilians have "all the fun"?

Q: What is a Pokemon?
A: A Jamaican proctologist!

I have a confession to make. I also play Pokemon. Please don't judge me.

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