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July 29, 2016


Divers discover 340-year-old Roquefort in Swedish shipwreck

(Thanks to The Perts)


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That has the back of my refrigerator beat, but only just.

There are some covenience stores I've been in that have cheese older. And no, you don't want to cut THAT cheese.

340-year-old Roquefort opened for Alessandro Scarlatti.

Still better than lutefisk

Lutefisk----I have heard stories that it's smell will cause birds to fall out of the sky and stampede cattle. Any of that true?

I don't think it's true that falling birds will cause cattle to stampede.

I dread to think of what those roque-farts might smell like...

I'll bet they were saving the stuff to go with some 350-year-old wine.

Junior High cafeterias everywhere are putting in their bids.

And it still smells like feet.

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