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July 22, 2016


Strong smell of cooked urine prompts apartment evacuation

(Thanks to Poker)


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No big deal - he was just brewing up some fertilizer for The Donald's hairdo!

No joke there folks-

Some of the latest terror intel points to isolating uric acid for urine for use in bomb making. I hope the folks in MA got the memo! Yikes!!!

Isn't that how they make sports drinks like the one that brags about 'electrolytes'?

I have worked in mineral mining and geology for many years. Urea nitrate is a component in ferilizer based explosives used in mining, better known as ammonium nitrate. In mining it is mixed with another substace to make prills and inserted into blast holes to explode and fracture rock.
I have never considered the possibility of boiling down urine to make urea, but it is a real possibility.
Doug B is correct that this could be a way to make a bomb. What a pisser.

Did he leave a urinal penny?

WTF? If he did want to make explosives, he thought doing it in his apartment was the way to go?

Yeah, you could use it to make a crappy, low-explosive bomb. But you need an awful lot of urine. One guy in his parents' basement probably couldn't pull it off without a helluva lot of beer.

Urine trouble now!

Also: I think "cooked" is completely unnecessary in that headline.

If you smell something, say something.

And of course, "Didn't Cooked Urine open for..."

But it's science!

Smell of cooked urine is something New York subway comuters experience every day. No big deal.

'He was identified, but hasn't been criminally charged'

we hear he is a whiz of a wiz if ever a whiz there was . . .

@pogo - uria heap ?

A guy who thought he was a playa once told me "I'm sitting on a ton of urea".

TV dinners.

British Budweiser?

Who was that guy that knew what cooked urine smelled like? I need to update my resume'

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