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July 15, 2016


Do YOU suffer from Lactaboobiephobia?

(Thanks to Geoff)


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I breastfed so no, I don't suffer from this phobia. However I do have a severe case of smugandarrogantiephobia. Why is it whenever they show pictures like this the women always look so arrogant and smug? I'm sure they aren't but they really do make them look that way.
I would like to point out I only breastfed my children and not a crazy boyfriend or husband.

Why yes, there are several items on my list of "Things That I Would Rather Not See In Public," however natural they may be.

I also agree with nursecindy that the loudest proponents of this particular subject are way too smug and self-righteous about it. And nobody will ever convince me that a child that is 3 years old (or 4 or 5!) still needs to be nursing.

"Mom, before I graduate from high school today, I'm hungry!"

It must suck to be her kid.

It's true. It really creeps me out when people like my cousin (who had 11 kids) is still breastfeeding when the kid is 4 or 5 (or possibly 6! Can't remember; trying to block it our). Some of these mothers claim all sorts of benefits for the kid, but really...time to cut the cord!

Just another trip down mammary lane.

I feel the need to nurture.

As Bob Hope sang, thanks for the mammaries!

If you can't handle the boob (and you really should be able to with the vast amount of non-essential boobs we're "fed" daily) simply move on. Her freedom (not right) combined with the infants' freedom to eat, override your freedom (again, not a right) to feel immature and uncomfortable. Move the hell on or read a book - without peeking - if you CAN read...and grow the hell up.

Lactaboobiephobic is a silly word. I prefer "lactose intolerant."

"Grow the hell up?" Cover the hell up.

d( o )( o ) - dah, d( o )( o ) - dah

Sadly, the appropriately self-labled OLDPhil missed his turn at Majhong while formulating his reply. People are waiting, Phil.

Duncan Idaho - Sorry, many of us will disagree with you. Some "functions" are best performed in private. That's why bathrooms have doors which close, for example. It's been this way in civilized society for the last several hundred years, if not longer. Just because members some particular group loudly insist that "their need" overrules cultural norms does not give them permission to force such values upon us.

If you can't handle the lactate, stay away from the stream!

Don't cross the streams, Egon!

I was always told breastfeeding was the best way to go. The source is high enough the cats can't get to it and the milk comes in such cute containers.

Sociology 100 - When was the last time YOU ATE SOMETHING in the stall of a public restroom?

When I was between 0 and six months old. My mother had class, unlike the women in this story.

There's no point in questioning that kind of class...the unquestionable caliber of class which doesn't flinch at a snack in the public crapper.

Pretty sure My Jong opened for the Sex Pistols.

Live and let leak is my motto.

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