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July 28, 2016


Olympic athletes competing in the waters off Rio’s shore dodge human feces, the invisible rotavirus, and dead bodies in pursuit of gold.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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"I got a silver medal in Rio"

"Cool. Which event?"

"Feces dodging."

We raced on the sloop John B
The dead bodies and me
Around Rio town we did roam
Drinking the bight
I'm puking tonight
Well I feel so broke up
I want to go home....

I don't envy you on this "assignment", Dave.

So many obstacles even before the "games" begin....

And the gold anti-microbial goes to .....

Noticing a distinctive trend in the Blog's posts today.

How are the dead bodies pursuing gold?

Nederland, Colorado has it's annual Dead Guy Coffin Race. Rio could add a new Olympic event for fastest recovery of a floating corpse. Extra points given for dodging the most feces.

yet another Olympic event - pretty sure the Asians got us beat: who flung poo

So who ever said getting a Gold medal should be easy ?

I used to compete in the dead body dodge - in college. My roommates consumed so much alcohol and marijuana it was like they were dead as they slept on the floor in various positions.

But on the positive side, there are no Zika Mosquitoes in the water.

And yes, Zika Mosquitoes WBAGNFARB

To save time and money, the Olympic Committee is combining the medal ceremony with the funeral ceremonies. "And the gold medal goes to Casket #3!"

Jeff Foxworthy's old gag about the 1996 Olympic kayak competition be staged on the same river where Deliverance was filmed seems rather quaint by comparison.


“When you open up the fish, their innards are black with oil and muck,” a fisherman tells the Times. “But we clean them with soap and eat them anyway.”

Mmmm. Pre-lubed. Good eatin'.

Survivor: Rio Olympics will be a riot.

So...Zika by land, Enteric pathogens by sea.

Note to self: stay away from Rio.

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