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July 26, 2016


God weighs in.


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You failed to mention when Hillary called Donald a threat to democracy the super-delegates all stood up and cheered.

I may have pictures later.

This page wants me to pay it ninety-nine cents. Sorry.

Speaking of flagrantly unfair and possibly offensive generalizations: I think the Russians hacked into Dave's update for a few minutes there.

And Bernie needs to get to happy hour, stat!

saw it, MtB - & 'crasher Dave' keeps popping up in that blue shirt, kinda like an epic photobomb

Tim Kaine ==>
Mini take
I mate kin
Main tike

Hilary Clinton is not mentioned in the Pledge of Allegiance?

Bernie always does look like he's passing a kidney stone, or his piles are killing him.

Just in case, I would stay off his lawn.

then barry manilow ran over a squirrel with the constitution.

There's a dance and convention hall? How did the networks miss this?

Philosophical question: If God DOES create a new planet, can we drive the geezer bus there? Will we still be able to get to hell in a hand-basket, or will we need some other mode of transportation?

All day long, I've been unable to see the comments on this topic. God does have his ways to obtain "paybacks", doesn't He?

I was watching the convention but decided to wait for the RiffTrax version.

(Geezers who followed MST3K will know what I mean.)

FunnyMan: You mean what I was watching wasn't the comedy show?

I could have sworn I saw both Tom Servo and Crow up there on stage!

PirateBoy: I don't know, but there was a lot of "puppetry" going on....on stage, that is....

And I think the farting protesters might have kept Dave away....

Rowsdower ..

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