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July 25, 2016




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We're gonna need a bigger r0achclip.

A writer in his natural habitat?

woah, dave's near the lit end - is he feeling the bern ?

^ um, 'burn'

Smoke 'em if you've got 'em, and boy, do you!

Light it up.

I see Dave is wearing what he has previously characterized as "jeans for the bigger-butted man" (which he is not).

Do you visit that joint often?

You're smokin' now, Mr. Jay!

(*nods to Garry Trudeau*)

Steady as she goes. Treat her nice and she will treat you nice. ;)

That thing is going to need a Clean Air Act permit from the EPA.

That would be pretty tough to bogart.

If Dave doesn't win President this time (Which may be difficult, as he hasn't yet decided to run) he's open to being one of the Joint Chiefs.

Hey, there's John Sebastian behind you. Yasgur's farm is in Philadelphia?

Get this party started !

Running for high office?

I dunno, Dave seems to making a token effort to hold it up.

He's looking forward to some blunt speechmaking.

Did anyone bring the Doritos?

It's good to see Dave giving joint support at a political convention.

Looking spliffy Dave!

Biiiiiiig Bambu. Cheech & Chong anywhere to be seen? BTW, Dave's not here, man.

Dave was scheduled to speak before a joint session of Congress, but...

Dave do be lookin' sharp!

Dave, it looks like you may have wet yourself with excitement... :)

I'm in love with Mary Jane.
♫ She's my main thing.
She makes me feel alright.
She makes my heart sing.

And when I'm feeling low,
She comes as no surprise.
Turns me on with her love.
Takes me to paradise, do you love me Mary Jane? ♫

A blunt statement from the Stoners?

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