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July 27, 2016


You will not believe what I found out.


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We must vote that is for sure. Can I pencil your name on the ballot Dave (ha) This will be an historic election.

But you do notice, Dave, that few speakers make mention of her husband. That's because it's not scohol I mean cool to do so.

I didn't watch until Alicia Keyes came on and disappointed by not performing her classic.

No mention of the Russians?

Thanks Dave for the great reporting from a convention that I didn't watch a single minute of. And I was terribly disappointed Furniture Lives Matter didn't show up to protect the innocent citizens of Canada.

is it *really* complimentary to call someone 'the biggest crack' ?


Another bush in the White House? That's some fine reporting there, Dave.

I think that was finally what CNN's Breaking News was all about.

ligirl has the best


She's no Shirley Chisholm, and I knew Shirley Chisholm (by sight), Senator.

'Psst! Hillary Clinton is a woman!'


& so if she becomes president will we then need a WLM movement ?

I don't think anybody will believe you, Dave. The Donald looks more feminine than Hilary.

The comments are as hilarious as the article!

Go gt 'em, Dave!

At first I thought I was reading a very funny article by Dave when I saw the Orange candidate (The one with the huge hands!) is actually encouraging the Russians to hack our computer systems. Isn't this encouraging a foreign nation to invade us? That could be considered treason by many.

@Political - Trump did not say a word about "hacking our computer system". Just as you, I believe every single word your Hilary said, so the 30 thousand "missing emails" had no classified, no secret and no work-related items, just her private email regarding her yoga schedules and arrangements for Chelsea's wedding. So at worst it would be just a felony, not treason.

She's not a woman. She's a cunt.

Van der Loon: Does your mother know you are playing with her computer again?

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