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July 17, 2016


Here's my first highly objective report.


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George Will's report will definitely not be highly objective.

I expect an unprecedented amount of booger jokes.

Can you imagine dying and your obituary leads with the line, "Former male underwear model..." ?

How proud he must be,


I think you missed it - Former male underwear model could be a former male who is now an underwear model, so in that case it would have to read "how proud SHE must be".

Dave should be honored and humbled by the dignity and gravitas of *burst of uncontrollable hysterical laughter* of this occasion. *wipes stream of tears from eyes*

I was hoping the Republican's could win endorsements from some of the Pokemon Go characters, such as this
one from May: "My bike's barbacued, and vote for Trump."

Hey Dave, did you change your name for the convention, just to annoy The Trump? The picture of you says it is Al Diaz.

I had no idea Dave has a keen interest in nature.

Dave, remember next week you will be covering the party who's candidate will fight for you and vows to continue on with the policies that have made this country great. Be sure to catch speaker Scott Baio's address to the convention. Should be Chachi Arcola-like and chock full of shout outs regarding the hope and change Happy Days brought to all Americans. Dana White will speak too. No Dana is not the kind of speaker that can pump up a crowd like say, Monica Lewinski. But He is the President of the UFC and it's rumored Dana will reveal to the convention an upcoming bout featuring Ronda Rousey taking on Ruth Bader Ginsberg with Hillary fighting for them.

Have you all failed to notice Dave's keen blue shirt? I for one, feel that all is right with the world.*

*Except for all the killings, the coup attempts, terrorism, low-fat cheese, and our political process in general.

Dave, work the delegates. Maybe you can get a few to nominate you. You might plug up a few toilets to prove your point.

*toasts Flukey* - oh & Dave said perimeter - *drink*

Dave has far more qualifications than either candidate!

I suggest we repaint the Geezerbus to say: "Vote Dave!"

A handful of blog writers, can't all be wrong, can we?




How is it in Cleveland? Check out the Rock & Roll hall of fame, the "jake" stadium, play house square, Cleveland botanical garden, Cleveland Metro Zoo and Downtown. A city on the rise now that LeBron has revived it again. Have fun in the land.

Naked women in Cleveland makes all the sense in the world. Cleveland is the sexiest city in Ohio and the Midwest. I'm not joking.

Is Cleveland called "the Armpit of America", or is it Miami?

What's round on each end and high in the middle?
(Kim Kardashian)
I bet you thought I was going to say Cleveland, right?


You neglected to note that Cleveland won the NBA championship or was that Al Diaz?

The world will be watching Cleave Land. And Cleveland too!

I wanna go to Cleveland.

They got White Castle in CLE too.

Qwerty, that is a tough one.

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