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July 18, 2016


I missed the naked women.


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Let us know if Vermin gets to hit any member of the Trump family with that pool noodle.

I'll chip in for his bail.

Wow, I have become so jaded, I didn't even look at the pictures of the naked women at the Republican convention!

Ha ha, JK yes I did.

Magnificent report in every sense of the word. If you hear rumor of a man on the convention floor holding a microphone and wearing a headset shouting, "Take your hands off of me," it's probably Brian Williams plowing his way through an interview with a reluctant, fighting mad Dan Rather. Dan is scheduled for UFC 201 later this month against the winner of Rowsey vs. Ruth "darth Bader" Ginsberg with Hillary fighting for them.

Yes, I'm certain Dave told Mrs. Blog that he missed the naked women. wink, wink.

Dave is truly brilliant. While his editors think he is providing raw, provocative, live-as-it-happens journalism, he's actually raking in Pokémon Go characters by the bucketful.

Sounds like you're having a good time. I can really tell.

I miss them too...

thanks for sharing your reflections, dave,
i can't help but wonder why you'd prefer a *smaller* mirror for your own naked self ?

also, beware the 'emphatic woman' - sounds like she's part of a pyramid scheme

Even Cleveland beats Miami in terms of a nicer Downtown and Arts/Music scene.

They keep asking me to buy a subscription before they'll let me read it. What's up with that?

130 women “of all shapes, colors and sizes”

That's a vision I don't need dancing in my head.

I saw Emphatic Egyptian Woman open for Men at Work. Domineering show.


100 Naked Women Protest Trump.

I'm not joking. Don't click if you don't want to see a bunch of NAKED women who are NAKED, or if your boss doesn't want you to see them.

Bernstein couldn't have reported it better.

... And how are Bernstein's bears these days ?

Dave, are you gonna be in Philly next week for the DNC? Philly cheese steak subs are the best.

that is the kind of protest I could get behind.

This is priceless.

I think that the protest would be much more effective if done by people like me - big old fat hairy men.

That's what I call going downtown.

Nice mirrors.

Dave's column is the sanest thing I've read yet about this convention.

So a bunch of women decide they are going to protest Trump by ... disrobing.
Yes, that will surely get the attention of the presidential contender who was once on the cover of Playboy magazine.

Who would have imagined that Dave's writing would be even funnier than the "CopyGate" scandal which marked last night's convention?

At any university, plagerism can get you expelled. Can't we all just fire Trump, instead?

"an art professor and artist named MaPo Kinnord."

Are we sure it's not really "Ma/Pa Kettle?" (geezer reference)

Day 2 of the RNC is here, featuring keynote speeches from Tiffany Trump, though it's unclear who she'll plagiarize. And Ben Carson is scheduled to introduce the noon nap.

from the Fark website.....

I'd like to see the naked women try that with Bill Clinton.

Mirror, mirror,
On the boob,
Is there video,
On YouTube?

Finally, something at the convention worth watching!

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