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July 18, 2016


DB and Vermin


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I'm not sure what's going on there, but i hope it was healing in some way. And nice touch, but i thought boots were for feet.

It's quite appropriate that you were given perimeter access, Dave. I've always thought of you as a peripheral visionary.

...and a great one at that!

Not your typical Trump delegate.

I always wondered what happened to Jimmy Carter

There's a perimeter!

I hope you don't get shot in the thigh.

Love Vermin!

Rubeus Hagrid is a Republican? Who knew?

(Harry Potter's friend for you old geezers)

Oh, by the way, I didn't know that till I looked it up. And I called dibs on the geezer bus's seat behind the driver.

You left Idaho for this???

I take an exception with the fashion sense of the guy next to Dave. I would select a different handbag to go with that hat.

I'm pretty sure that I have never seen fear as clearly displayed on anyone's face as in that photo. I hope Dave has a LOT of CTU backup.

Yeah watch out for that perimeter

Dave 'Breathalyzer' Barry.

My apologies for such short notice regarding the acute observation.

@Trent: you took the words right off'n my keyboard.

Vermin is sporting something from the Spring line of Jack-Sacks. And, Dave, maybe if you go back to wearing your blue shirt, weirdos like this will ignore you. (maybe)

I third Trent! And I love Dave's official news reporter notebook.

Did he give you a pony? Seems like early samples to curry favor with top journalists would be automatic.

[nods to MOTW, Meany, Meyerson, & Theresa]

I"d vote for either one of them! Dave Barry for president! Guy with boot on his head and large pink bag for vice-president!

Dave, I hope you had some disinfectant wipes with you.
Large ones.

He had a similar look at Anderson's Bookstore a few years back when we surrounded him dressed as squirrels. I gave him a sign "Judy: Send Help!" which added to his angst since Judi is spelled with an i.

This is Vermin Supreme, who may emerge in the next few days as the alternative candidate to Donald Trump. We think he can unite the party and bring out the swing voters and contact the beings from the Crab Nebula.

So that's what the 'Alien' facehugger evolved into.

Vermin seems to be saying, "You want perimeter? I got yer perimeter right here!"

GAAH! This would be the day I happen to be wearing my 3-D glasses.

I wonder if they cover this sort of thing in journalism class.

I believe I interviewed ( was attacked by) this same guy, now calling himself Vermin Supreme, when I covered a chili/brisket cookoff somewhere in Texas several years ago. For Dave's sake, I hope he has bathed at least once since then. And a tip: Nix lice killer works well.

The fashion sense of Mr.Vermine is very questionable. That bag clashes with his hat choice. I expect more from a presidential candidate.

I'll vote for him!

Where is Dave's left hand?

Dave, those "man boobs" will go well in Cleveland

I say, is that a Welly on his head?

I loved him in LOTR.

That's the way politics goes, Dave. You miss the naked women and end up with this guuy.

You might want to get hosed down by the HazMat truck before going home, is all I'm saying.

Conjoined twins attached at the head. Call Dr. Ben Carson STAT!

You know we're in trouble when Dave Barry is the sane-looking one.


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