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July 21, 2016


An Indiana woman stabbed her husband in the chest with a grill fork after he returned home without her favorite doughnuts, investigators charge.

(Thanks to Le Petomane, Jeff Schneider and Chris Elzi)


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She must be a torus.

"Time to make her go nuts...


...I made her go nuts."

Reportedly, the doughnuts he brought her did have the chocolate glaze, but not the sprinkles. In light of that fact, all charges against the woman have been dropped.

I like how "without the doughnuts" has its own hyperlink to the police report.

I like how she is "pictured above", when in fact she is pictured to the left and a doughnut is pictured above.

I saw Secondary Donuts open for Meat Loaf.

Tasty show.

thanks for putting the thought in my head -
after reading this earlier i texted my husband to (please) swing by dunkin donuts on his way home, 'or else i'll bbq' . . .
'Ha!' he probly thought, knowing i totally drank too much & burned the chicken last time . . .

he thought wrong


A nutcase going nuts over defective doughnuts. Who could have seen this coming?

Did she stick a fork in him to see if he was done?

Someone should tell her they don't serve doughnuts in jail. Or so I've heard. On the other hand, no jury of women will ever convict her.

She got no donuts, so she gave him holes.

WTFBBQ? Fork you!

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