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July 22, 2016


Hi Dave --

I teach English online with folks in South Korea, so I'm often checking the Korea Herald to see what's in the news there.  You'll be happy to know that you're helping to shape the world's view of our political conventions.

-- Jim Kenaston


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It'll make the North Koreans think.

At least Koreans will be well-informed about our next president, Zoltan Istvan.

The phrase "Don't shoot the messenger" springs to mind.

An immediate response by Korean Elvis as he hastily prepared to launch several missiles inscribed with 'Saddam' on each side in black magic marker while stating, "all peasants within ten city blocks heads up!"

South Korea makes some good cars and some good pop music, both of which sell well in the USA. Maybe this will inspire them to make some good American politicians.

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