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July 29, 2016


Cops mistake Krispy Kreme donut glaze for meth, arrest man

(Thanks to Howard from Broward, Jay Brandes, Le Petomane, Don Faber, wiredog, Bob Brogan and Stan Ruth)


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Needless to say, this happened in Florida.

Not funny. Donut glaze matters.

One would think they would be more familiar with that substance.

A lot of holes in this prosecution.

When Krispy Kreme is outlawed, only outlaws..yada..yada...yada....

Speaking of fantasy, did anyone watch television last night?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, MT, it was like a dream. All the major news stations showed our next president' acceptance speech. Good for her!

My wife also thinks that the Krispy Krems I buy are as bad as meth.

I have known people who couldn't tell the difference either.

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