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July 16, 2016


The local deity active in the priest’s body expressed dissatisfaction saying sewage tanks built for toilets were vitiating the environment all along the path leading to the village temple.

This has been The News From Abroad.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Real cow pies are free.

sorry, can't even get thru 1st paragraph, but I'm guessing those are all pokemon 'to Go' (iykwim) characters ?

First, I want to thank the active deity inside my body for letting me score those 40 points (points to chest).

Pray for 'me'.

Because of the local deity's anger at toilet-building "The villagers believed that their cows were giving less milk and children were suffering from various ailments due to the curse"

A strange sort of "Let my people go" parallel?

If they delay building these, wouldn't that be correctly referred to as a stall stall tactic?

Translation: $hit happens.

The local deity finally agreed after the villagers and the officials pledged that they would not build toilets in the a 15-metre area around the temple in the villages.

15 meters is a long way to run if you have diarhea. I suppose once word gets around, it'll cut down on pesky tourists. By the way, did you notice they never identified who this "deity" was. Much too much like Congressfolk, if you ask me.

The One Prohibits Two in the Third World.

Chinyali Saud Naib Tehsildar Poonam Rayal wishes to thank us for not making fun of his name.

Someone looking for a job as a fact-checker or proof-reader would have a fun job at the Tribune. Lots of names with vast opportunity for misspellings.

The local diety, better known as the Grand Poobah, should print up some poop sheets and pass them around so people can understand the 15 meter rule.

Local deity in my home is called the Wife. Her commandments are final. You don't want to know what happened when I disobeyed one and used so called "guest towel".

And anyone involved with a sewage lift station will simply be taken out back and shot.

Holy sh!t!

So now the deity will be honored with smiling poo toys?

"Oh, God!" said the dismayed villager.

"Think Lower" said the deity.

the priest possessed by the local deity...expressed consent by holding the right hand of the IAS officer trainee

Said the priest: "Pull my finger."

It's a shitty problem, but solvable.

In Chicago, we call these 'local deities' by the name of Alderman.

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