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July 21, 2016


When it came to applying the ink, however, he deviated from the original design and added the phallic drawing and swear word instead.

ADVISORY: Bad word.

(Thanks to funny man)


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I'll bet she had a few very choice bad words of her own when she saw the result.

Two words that do not belong together: Hobby Tattooist

When asked by the judge why he had done that, the hobby tattooist, also aged 21, replied: “Just because.”

Works for me.

And so began the legend of Yang women....

I remember a tattoo artist inking a biker chick. When he was finished, he squinted at the new tattoo and asked " There;s two o's in Bob ain't there?"

'The victim only realised when she went home and looked at her new tattoo in the mirror.'

she must've thought WTKCUF ?!

might as well just shred the constitution.

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