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July 22, 2016


Aberdeen man Reported Defecating in Driveway, Fornicating With Garbage Can

(Thanks to John Mayson)


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A LeMay garbage can. Now it makes sense.

Wait -- was he the reporter or the reportee?

Does that really fall under the definition of "fornication"? A vacuum cleaner, sure, or a zucchini, but I think garbage cans are fair game.

Maybe I said too much.

OK, so it was Abergeen WASHINGTON, where's the news.

People were giving them funny looks after the waiter brought a third bottle of wine to their table before before the incident.

I'm guessing he's single, so why the big deal, as long as it was a consenting garbage can.

I know I got some garbage that's well over the age of consent. This guy can have it if he'll promise to make an honest crap-pile out of it.

West coast dating. And you can't even say if the can was male, female or otherwise trans-trashy. Crapping on the driveway - all male.

He obviously never took Health class in high school.

Did he use a bin liner?

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