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July 27, 2016


Channel Nine crew member attacked by a cross-dresser with a weighted pink handbag in Rio

(Thanks to Stuart Anderson)


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i believe the marquis will be awarding a gold medal

Has anyone seen John Cleese lately?

Geraldine, we've missed you.

I just can't keep up with all these newly added sports.

Soon to come: synchronized mugging

Maybe it was just an aggressive Mary Kay saleslady? Some (I hear) don't take no for an answer...

Wasn't Brick in a Handbag a Pink Floyd tribute band?

let's see: a new Olympic sport featuring cross-country dressing & weighted handbags - sounds like someone's playing hide the shuttlecock

Chanel # 9

I think that Bruce Kardashian is getting a bit angry.

Weighted Handbag opened for Nine Inch Nails last year. Due to a tiny crowd, the overall purse wasn't very large.

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