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July 21, 2016


Attorney Accused Of Hurling Coffee At Opposing Counsel During Tense Deposition

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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They always cut to a commercial every time Perry Mason did this to Hamilton Burger.

Wanderer -- we'll save you a front row seat on the bus.

Judge's ruling: Decaf henceforth for all Counsel.

must be grounds for - something

Of he'd used a high quality filter, there would be no grounds...

The attorney was providing grounds for dismissal,

Bill never has a second cup of my coffee at home.

barristars ?

This is why we have Teflon suits.
She had been perking for a while and had visions of Grande-uer.
What a drip.
She should learn to espresso herself better.

Someone needs decaf and a time-out (in the hallway) to ponder her actions.

*joins ubetcha & wanderer on the Geezer Bus*

I saw the Wild Mewtwos open for Grand Funk Railroad in '72. Helluva show.
What kind of lawyer wears jeans to court?

nursecindy - It was a deposition in a conference room, not in court.

If the lawyer isn't expecting to be on camera, he may not even wear pants.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, eh Chuck?

The defense roasts.

I want to know how Judge Roy Bean would have settled this.

Chock Full O' Nuts, man.

Jeff Meyerson - that went without saying

MtB, AmoeStam, Loudmouth - flags on the play (in a good way)

Probably way too into Pokemon.... Gotta catch 'em all! ...wait! That wasn't a Pokeball! Doh!

As long as I'm on the Geezer Bus, I'll mention that Judge Wapner would have had a field day with this.

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