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July 17, 2016


Man shot at teens playing 'Pokemon Go'

Key Fact: Officials talked with the teens who said they were sitting in the car hunting two Pokemon—a Marowak and Tauros.

(Thanks to Charles Cates and Peter Metrinko)

In Other Pokemon News:

Auschwitz reminds people its ‘disrespectful’ to play Pokemon Go at a former Nazi death camp

Pair of Pokemon Go players arrested at Toledo Zoo

‘Get a life and stay out of my yard

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I'm with the "get a life" and "Keep off my lawn" guy.

well, I may not know a marowak from a tauros,
I Do have 6 different kinds of tomatoes growing in my garden this year
as well as numerous other vegetables & probly a hundred kinds of flowers, all of which i've collected, transplanted, grown, harvested & shared with others - which i gather is the goal of this cyber stupidity ?

somehow I doubt These braincellphone-dead 'vegetables' know an annual from a perennial

"Hammer pants"? And I hate to tell this guy that Crystal Pepsi is coming back.

But I'm still with him.

Hammer pants.

ligirl, I'd love to have some fresh squash!
You'd think people would have enough sense to NOT play this game at a place like Auschwitz. Maybe I'm giving them too much credit by assuming they have a brain.

cindy i got a zucchini with your name on it :) *SHUT UP* blog guys . . .

Jeff: from that great song "El Condor Pasta":

♫ I rather be a Hammar than a Neil [Young?] ♫

Apologies to Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

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