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July 22, 2016


200-pound bear spotted in Cutler Bay, shot with tranquilizer gun


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Don't worry. If there are more the pythons will eat them.

Oh come on. It was my uncle Richard. He is a bit hairy, I admit, but he is not dangerous.

I would use a paint brush to put spots on a bear and not a tranqu gun. Right tool for the right job!

Hide the cheese balls!

He was up there scouting around for Dave.

Deep Thoughts Uncle Caveman.

I live in Cutler Bay. Last year they pulled a 13 foot Python out of somebody's pool nearby. Cutler Bay is east of the turnpike and US 1 (it's on the "Bay" so further east and you are under water). That the animals survived so many Florida drivers to get here is nothing short of miraculous. As someone once wrote "Best State Ever"!

*sends husband out for cheeseballs*

*Pssst - Don't forget to have him bring back your favorite donuts, too.*

*lights grill* . . . **waits** . . .

If some idiot painted it, as NMUA suggests, it needs to be evaluated by veterinarians. Otherwise, leave it alone and tranquilize the residents.

Hey Dave, just in case you haven't packed for your trip "up north" yet, you need to know that Philadelphia is currently WAY HOTTER THAN MIAMI.

/end weather update

And by WAY HOTTER, I mean:

Miami Philadelphia
Saturday 88 99
Sunday 88 97
Monday 88 101
Tuesday 88 98

Bears are not spotted. If it was spotted it was a leopard.

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