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July 30, 2016


Car lover caught 'having sex' with an Opel Corsa on a busy street in Brazil

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Opel Cors??? Why such an ugly car??

That's hot!

Good thing he wasn't old to blow up a truck (old Aggie joke).

Better than using a Suburu.

GeezerBus riders: Dr. Demento demo version.

@Pirate - Dr.Demento is my psychiatrist.

@Kolo-I thought Dr. Demento was a podiatrist.

I thought Dr. D was a shrink, because to know crazy ya gotta be a little crazy...

♫ Lonely days, lonely nights,
where would I be without my tailpipe? ♫

And I would point out, it never said no...

Rio is so romantic this time of year...

I think it would make a great TV show if they replace Dr.Phil with Dr.Demento.


He's also fooling around with a Trabant on the side.

He probably owns a Yugo. We should cut him some slack.

No, Trabant is so artificial, it is all plastic.

He was quite exhausted afterward.

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