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July 31, 2016


Fake poop-scooper app shows how gullible (and desperate) we truly are

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Finally, dog owners could put their dog's poop "in someone else's hands."

Which may explain why MJ wore that glove on the hand he shook hands with.

I remember the Good Old Days when kids scooped up dog poop into brown paper bags, set fire to them on someone's porch, rang the door bell and hid to watch.

In one of the more rowdy corners of the web, I saw a suggestion for a prank: a fake "pregnancy test app" to get gullible young wimmens to pee on their smart phones.

Yeah, it was the same juvenile twits who started the "pee for equality" prank that enticed silly social justice warrior types to wet themselves in public, and the "free bleeding" gag, which, um, I'd rather not elaborate on. {o_O}

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