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July 26, 2016


Is our children learning?


Thanks to Jon Harris)


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The real question is whether motorists would understand it were it spelled correctly.

Wrong I don't see anything with it. Hmmm, yes!

Someone should be fiend.

Schols teach u 2 spel gud?

Yesterday, I passed by a new restaurant in town.
The sign out front said "Taco's".

In third grade, I was taught that an apostrophe may only be used as a contraction (i.e. it's for "It is") or as a possessive (i.e. "Dave's new book")

What, exactly, can a taco own?

Lettuce see?

Four years ago I couldn't spell graduate, now I are one.




This has ben yur Florida educatoin riport.

Ralph, that leads me to believe it is the contractor, then. \(^.^)/

someone should be fried

Someone ought to get the acks.

Someone should get a kink slip.

someones gonna get scoholded REEL bad

probly done by some esscoholic

Dammit, Jim. I'm a doctor, not a scoholcialist.

^5 to ligirl and MtBlue

Because " Scohol days, scohol days... Dear old gloned rule days " sounds so much better when you sing it.

Hey I kinda like it! Rhymes with "alcohol".


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