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July 20, 2016


Here you go.

Here's presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan:


Here's the Transhumanist Party campaign in action:



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He laughed about getting rid of drinking beer?!

Whoa... there's a furniture company in Cleveland now?! It really is on the rebound.

All humans will bow down to the robots someday!


If that furniture company involves metal bending, I'm totally there.

While the Blog was in Cleveland, he missed the important Trump news in L.A.

My stance on low-flow toilets is, frankly, uncomfortable.

Dave, should anyone commit a crime against you, like try and plant a chip somewhere on your body using an AR-15 rifle and two Glock 19 pistols, remember Furniture Lives Matter are just a phone call away waiting to protect and serve.

I ran into a guy who fit the description of Zoltan the last time I was in Portland, Oregon. I wonder if there are two of them. I'd be surprised if the TSA would let him on a plane, so they must be doppelgangers. By the way, the Zoltan look-alike seemed perfectly at home with the Keep Oregon Weird crowd.

Zoltan looks tall. Is he?

He also looks somewhat presidential. Might be a good choice, except for the beer ambivalence.

"Furniture Lives Matter"

"It means we own a furniture store in Cleveland."


I think he made the name up, this pretended presidential pretender. Both Zoltan and Istvan are FIRST names, here in Hungary.

Sheesh. And what bathrooms are they supposed to use?

Meanie, reference your stance on low flow toilets.......now I know my problem, I thought you sat on them...

Zoltan Istvan ==>
Naval Zit Snot

@ Bender. Be careful what you ask for when it comes to bending metal.

Zoltan has a sideline as Mark Cuban's stand in.

Reminds me of that guy sometimes called the Governator.


EyeGore - I'd shake your hand, but, well .....

pretty sure transhumanists got that trickle down thing going on

The scrum sounds like fun. Can we organize one in Philly?

Only if I can have the robot hair implant like DT has.

Did Chuck E. Cheese cater the Alex Jones event?

I, for one, welcome our new Transhumanist warlords.

ZSom e of my friends call that For(e)Tran.

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