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July 30, 2016


Florida Drivers Are the Worst in America, Study Confirms

(Thanks to John Mayson)


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Shocker, right.

News Bulletin: the Kardashians like attention.

Can't believe New York didn't even make the top 25 worst states. But as my wife pointed out, it's a little hard to speed in our traffic. (Yes, there is upstate, I know, but half the people are in the city.)

That report is by state in the US. North America includes Canada and Mexico - how about comparing Miami, New York, Montreal, and Mexico City?

And Boston, except they're likely to rig the game.

Wait... California is only 17th... I think we need some 'bonus points' for the terrible roads and highway conditions.

Cali Gurl, methinks our state was rated lower because (in L.A. County, anyway) traffic jams have reduced commuting speeds so drastically, drivers on the 405 (San Diego) Freeway would make better time on roller skates.

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