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July 25, 2016


No squatting

(Thanks to barberfriend C.M.)


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Hence the term 'You don't; no squat'.

I couldn't get into that "No" pose without violating several known laws of physics.

Open pod bay door, Hal.

We actually had this problem at times when I was in the Army. Apparently there are some moms in parts of the USA who teach their girls not to sit, but to squat like in the photo. We'd occasionally find boot scuff marks on the toilet seat.

Not just the USA - also common in some middle-eastern and far eastern countries. sometimes the scuff marks face forward; other times backward. I'm with wanderer2575 - ain't no way.

Judi, is this how they "vote" down under? If not, the two buttons are confusing...

funny man, only when they've had problems with hanging chads.

I've heard that hovering is common in women's public restrooms, but it seems like that would defy certain laws of physics a lot more than squatting.

do your best - don't be in a rush
perfect 'the nest' & Always foot flush!

Well if we are going to bring back hovering in the under blog we might as well throw in our historic discussion about urinal coins.

We need a blogivist.

Dave has previously made his stance on low-flow toilets abundantly clear.

This is not what he meant.

it's a movement

I'm also afraid to ask what is the difference between the two pushbuttons. Low flow vs. enough water and pressure to flush a hairbrush?

I am also confused about those two pushbuttons. If you pushed both at the same time, would you ever be seen again?

I don't care if the dainty ladies hover but for God's sake clean up after yourself!

Don't cross the streams, Le Petomane.

Explanation: The button on the left could be colored yellow, and the one on the right, brown.

'nuff said.

Left button has a little label above it that says, I believe, "Half flush" and the right one "Full flush".

Either that, or "Call attendant" vs. "Call Pentagon".

Half flush is for those whose movements are half fast.

doo dah, doo dah...

Where's Gene Weingarten?

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