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July 29, 2016


Woman stops to take a photo of what she thinks is a black duck relaxing at the side of a river

(Thanks to Ralph)


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It's twue, it's twue!

A very large "black duck," if that's what we're calling it now.

Or maybe she just misspelled it as "duck"?

Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

we're gonna need *much bigger* duck lips

If it walks like a duck...
Oh, wait. Never mind.

She was just trying to get her ducks in a rohmyGOD!!

Snork at Lili!

And owies!

It's the other kind of wildlife.

Miracle Grow, the secret of lawn sex toys!

And as everyone knows, Australia is entirely peopled with ...

'what happens down under . . .'

I'm pretty sure that Black Duck opened for Gov't Mule back in the early 80's.

At least I think they were on the bill!

It was a show you could really get down with.

Federal Black Duck Stamp?


Sorry- Govt' Mule didn't form until 1994.

Warren say's nice try.

It said "poking". heh heh.

Look out - DUCK!!

Darkwing Duck must be getting old and forgetful. Sad.

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