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July 26, 2016


Apparently some scientists think cockroach milk crystals could be a superfood of the future.

(Thanks to W. Von Papineau and R. Cink)


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Not clicking that link. I'm eating lunch here.

I saw cockroach milk crystals open for Wal-Mart...

How do you milk a cockroach?

On second thought, never mind.

Got eye bleach?

Don't run the time approaches
Hotels and midnight coaches
Be sure to milk the roaches.

@ubetcha. First, you would need a really low milking stool.....

@ubetcha. ..., a very tiny pail, and hands like Donald Trump.

Can you imagine Tommy Chongs terrible disappointment when he visits the Happy Vally Roach Ranch and finds out what they are really selling?

put me down as lactoboobcockroachaphobic

The idea that my butter
May come from the udder
Of a cockroach makes me shudder

Some Scientists: Think again. Thank you.

With enough research, one can prove anything.


If one tortures the data long enough, it will confess.

Kudos to Spiny Norman for a simple explanation of how the universe actually operates. Few people who know this are allowed to turn their own lights off at night.

Wow ! How many years has it been since I last thought of cockroach milk crystals ?

Mikey tells me he will have to get back to us about this one.

*presents Frequent Geezer punchcard*

Roach clip? Nah, that block looked legal!

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