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July 28, 2016


Parents are naming their children after Pokemon characters

(Thanks to funny man)


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Noting a sidebar article on PokemonGo sex toys, I think it would be a very cruel or stupid parent to name a child "Bulby" or "Squirter". In fact any Pokemon name might open the parents to lawsuits when the child comes of age.

Charmander Bulbasaur Wartortle Shroomish Oshawott, do your homework RIGHT NOW!

It's better than naming your kid "Angry Bird Jones".

Children with such names ought to have the right to legally rename their parents.

Not any worse than Dweezil or North. Not that that's saying much.

Look for a tragic spike in the murder rate in 15 years.

Ah, lighten up.

Magikarp happens to be an old family name.

This sounds like something straight out of Mel Brooks' Geezer-riffic (?) Young Frankenstein:

"Henry, thank you for taking my daughter to the prom this evening. Squirtie, are you ready for a night that you'll never forget?"

"She's going to be very popular, sir!"

"Henry, I'm afraid I didn't catch your last name, son."

"It's Schvahnstucka, sir."

"Squirtie, a moment, please?"

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