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July 31, 2016


Humans Share 70 Percent Of Their Genes With This Slimy Seabed Worm

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I saw Slimy Seabed Worm open for Adam and the Ants.

Seems fishermen have a lot to answer for.

All of us, or just the lawyers?

The lawyers and the Clintons, Ms. Flukey. Chelsea's speech sounded a lot like she was ordering fast food at a drive thru. The worm couldn't take it and turned off the set, an act the scientific community says bolsters their claim to include the Clintons along with the lawyers.

It must be too easy to get a job or a grant as a scientist these days, since there seems to be so much
...what's the word I'm looking for?....Oh yeah, relevance to our day to day lives.

I once shot a relephant in my pajamas. But it wasn't pertinet.

@ manual tomato--your wonderful rants of late remind me of Mark twain's letters to the gas and electric companies. Great humor, which we all need more of these days.

"And you call me 'slimy'!!!"

I have a fast food gift card I'm going to use later. I'll be doing my best Chelsea imitation at the drive thru.

"I'd like a Big Mac and I'm so proud of it. No secret sauce, again I am so proud to lace this order." "What exactly is a BIg Mac and I'm so proud of my boring dinosaur father, Big Bill?"

Thanks Le Petomane for sending all the Clinton bashing material my way. The sarcasm is all right. I'll deal with it, send more pictures. You know, the ones that show how well our proud country has been doing the past eight years. Oh, the millions below the poverty level and out of work are proud.

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